PAPINE Papayaa + Pineapple (Moisturizing & Delay ageing face serum)

PAPINE Papayaa + Pineapple (Moisturizing & Delay ageing face serum)

(Rejuvenates, Hydrates, Firms, Combats Ageing,Anti Oxidants)


Experience the transformative power of Papine serum with Bio active ingredients like Bromelain, Papain, Licorice, Aloe vera, Almond oil, Kumkumadi Thailam, turmeric, and Vitamin C, it deeply penetrates skin layers, fighting discoloration, fine lines, wrinkles, and dryness for healthy, firm, and hydrated skin.



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Price: ₹675
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  • Packed with Powerful Ingredients: Papine serum is full of active ingredients that help slow down aging.
  • Works Deep in the Skin: It penetrates deep into your skin layers, making it a gradual process.
  • Expect Results Over Time: You can start seeing results in 6-8 months with regular use.

Use Papine serum daily for a more youthful appearance over time.

  • Deep-Down Penetration: Our oil and water-based Papine serum penetrates deep into your skin's layers for phenomenal results.
  • Wake Up to Radiance: Embrace each morning with stunning, radiant skin thanks to the nightly magic of Papine serum.
  • Powerful Ingredients Unite: Bromelain, Papain, Licorice extract, Aloe vera extract, Almond oil, Kumkumadi Thailam oil, and turmeric oil join forces to combat discoloration.
  • Vitamin C Brilliance: Abundant Vitamin C delivers remarkable results, making Papine serum a sought-after gem in the Prakrutik Spalon's skincare range.
  • Concentrated Excellence: PAPINE serum boasts a high concentration of active ingredients for exceptional efficacy.
  • Embrace Youthful Radiance: Experience the magic of tightened facial skin as it regains firmness and elasticity.
  • Banish Fine Lines & Wrinkles: Watch fine lines and wrinkles fade into the night, turning back the clock on aging.
  • Intense Moisturization: Treat your skin to luxurious hydration, bidding farewell to dryness and flakiness.
  • Nightly Elixir: Make this your essential nightly skincare ritual, bringing you one step closer to timeless beauty with each application.

Cleanse your face and pat it dry. Apply 3-4 drops of PAPINE serum, massaging it in with upward circular motions. The serum will deeply penetrate your skin. Mix with your favorite moisturizer or night cream for enhanced results. Use consistently for best results.



  • Licorise Extracts
  • Rose water
  • Papaya extracts
  • Pineapple extracts
  • Almond oil
  • Argan Oil
  • Lactic Acid
  • Glycolic Acid
  • Kumkumadi Thailam
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Turmeric oil

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19 Reviews

anil pola

It gives you fresh and smooth skin for every morning wakeup.. You can’t stop yourself touching ur skin everyday in the morning after you wakeup.! Try this beautiful product. And make urself feel confident everyday!


It is wonderful serum Am using from last 6months. Am almost done with the bottle. and believe me…all my wrinkles are gone .. and my face became young and energetic…… With full of glow and shine


unique and awesome Each products in prakrutik is unique and awesome.. I’m using many of their products.. recently I ve brought papine serum.. In the first use itself my skin feels really good and it’s not oily as well moisturising.. More than that all the products are herbal and chemical free.. I surely recommend all the products��

Sushma Robin

Krima your Bbcream is the best and the Serum as well I am in awe of it .I stopped using all the premium brands like bobbi brown estee lauder n all completely.😊😊😊 keep up the good work.

anushka kokal

Papine serum is really nice ,specially as suggested by u to use at night before sleep … it gives good moisture to face..

Avani Shah

I m following my night regime suggest by Brijesh bhai. After applying it at night next morning my face feels smooth n glowing Tnx team prakrutikspalon

Sonal Bakhai

Excellent products one of the best ones are charcoal face mask charcoal scrub pine serum amazing results people should try all the products.I had many dark spots,pigmentation and very dull face but after using pine serum n ubtan face mask I feel its a miracle superb results i recommend all the ladies to use all the products.Even my hair was frizy but the hair spa change the texture.Thanks krima for the wonderful gift to all the ladies.

Swati Shenoy

serum is non sticky/oily


papine serum is just superb and OSUm. my skin is glowing


Super Night Food for skin awesome face seurm applied with panchamrut cream works wonders!!!

Vidhi Gala

Who would ever wonder that papaya and pineapple when brought together would do wonders for the skin.Yes this papine serum is next level .I use it with manjhisths cream and I can feel my healthy skin after using these two products.Its lovely product to be used before bed at night.

Lata sawane

Amazing for your skin if mixed with night cream worth buying for anti ageing and wrinkles thanks for recommending

shami rasaikar

must say this is the best ever serum I used…… I am so tempted everytime I facewash I want to use this serum. Thank you once again

shweta vijayan

reordered this serum, can’t live without it. Thank you

Pradnya Sathe

Amazing serum.Makes skin soft.Helps reduce dark spots.Highly recommended!


this serum is awesome… using it for a month now and it has done wonders to my skin

Renu Agarwal

I didnt like this product due to its strong fragrance and it gives a tingling effect. If you are okay with these 2 issues you can surely go with this product.

Disha r

The papine serum has the perfect consistency and gets absorbed in the skin instantly. Its a good product but costly. Price range can be worked upon.

Avani Ronak Gada

Is a perfect combination with Manjistha Spot Lightening Cream. As suggested by you I am using this at night before sleep. worth buing for anti ageing and wrinkles.

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