BHRAMAVRUKSHA Palash Yoghurt Body Wash

BHRAMAVRUKSHA Palash Yoghurt Body Wash

  • Iconic Aroma Experience: Immerse yourself in the iconic aroma of the body wash, creating a refreshing and mood-uplifting experience for the mind.
  • Palash Yogurt Infusion: Enriched with the goodness of Shea Butter, the Palash Yogurt body wash combines a luxurious feel with nourishing benefits for your skin.
  • Gentle Cleansing with Natural Oil Retention: Experience gentle cleansing as the body wash effectively cleanses your skin while preserving its natural oils, ensuring hydration throughout the day.

Elevate your bathing ritual with the Palash Yogurt body wash, where the iconic aroma, nourishing ingredients, and long-lasting fragrance come together to create a spa-like experience.

Size :
Price: ₹730
  • Categories: BODY, NEW ARRIVALS
  • Combat Dry Skin: Swap your regular body wash for a moisturizing alternative to break free from dry skin and indulge in a spa-like, refreshing shower experience.
  • Palash Extract Infusion: Immerse your skin in the purifying and detoxifying properties of Palash extracts, replenishing natural moisture for a nourished and refreshed feel.
  • Creamy Texture with Lasting Moisture: Enjoy the creamy texture of the yogurt body wash, providing a rich lather that leaves a protective layer of oils on your skin, ensuring lasting hydration and defense against the elements.
  • Perfect Skin Soother: Discover the ultimate skin soother in this fresh blend, leaving a light yet sensuous floral scent on your skin.
  • Stress-Relieving Fresh Mood: Transform your shower routine into a stress-relieving escape with the invigorating and mood-lifting properties of this yogurt body wash.
  • Nourishing and Hydrating Blend: Experience a blend of skin-friendly ingredients designed to shower your skin with the right amount of love, providing the nourishment and pampering it deserves.
  • Non-Greasy, Irresistibly Fresh: Indulge without the worry of greasiness; this yogurt body wash leaves you feeling irresistibly fresh, leaving you eager for more.
  • Stay Clean and Fresh: Elevate your daily hygiene routine with our best-ever YOGURT Body Wash, ensuring you stay clean and fresh all day long.

Embark on a journey of self-pampering with the perfect blend of freshness and hydration in our YOGURT Body Wash, designed to rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit.

  • Preparation with Fruit Juice or Water: Dampen your body with the liquid of your choice, be it any fruit juice, water, or rose water, to create a refreshing base for the body wash.
  • Hand Application: Apply the Body Wash evenly across your skin using your hands, ensuring a thorough and luxurious coverage.
  • Rinsing Ritual: After application, rinse off the Body Wash thoroughly with water, leaving your skin cleansed and revitalized.

Elevate your bathing experience with this simple yet effective routine, starting with a refreshing base and ending with a thorough rinse, ensuring a delightful and invigorating shower.

  • Shea Butter
  • Palash extract
  • Jojoba oil
  • Argan oil
  • Almond oil
  • Rose Hip oil
  • Orange essential oil.
  • Lavender essential oil

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Very beautiful product I have order this twice and still using it – Couldnt stop using it. For my night bath routine it gives amazing soothing effect with mild fragrance which help relax n sleep well. Make me fresh again after whole day work also it leave my skin moist as i have very dry skin. Thanks a lot

Renu Agarwal

It has a nice fragrance. ANd it can be used daily as an alternative to soaps.

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