Pavitrya Tea Tree Face Wash (Oily Skin)

Pavitrya Tea Tree Face Wash (Oily Skin)

  • Grease-Free Confidence: Bid farewell to midday greasiness and stickiness—nobody's goal is to endure that! Our Tea Tree Face Wash is here to ensure a fresh and non-greasy complexion.
  • Tea Tree Marvel: Unlock the wonders of tea tree oil—a secret weapon for those battling oily skin. It expertly fights acne and greasiness, making it indispensable for individuals with acne-prone and oily skin.
  • Oily Skin Savior: Recognizing the inseparable link between oily skin and pimple proneness, our Tea Tree Face Wash expertly removes excess oil without overdrying. It's all about maintaining that crucial oil balance.
  • Weather-Proof Relief: Beyond oil control, our face wash provides relief from itching or redness caused by extreme weather conditions, ensuring your skin stays comfortable year-round.
  • Acne Solution Must-Have: A must-have in your skincare arsenal, this face wash decreases acne lesions, promoting clean and clear skin. Natural ingredients like Glycerine, Aloe vera, and Tea Tree extract work harmoniously to remove impurities without irritation.
  • Anti-Bacterial Brilliance: Embrace the anti-bacterial prowess of our face wash, inhibiting bacterial growth and ensuring a healthier complexion.
  • Works Wonders for Oily Skin: Labeling it the best face wash for oily skin isn't an exaggeration—it removes impurities, controls oil-secreting glands, and maintains your skin's oil balance, ensuring optimal care for your oily skin.

Experience the transformative power of our Tea Tree Face Wash—a comprehensive solution for oily skin, delivering freshness, clarity, and confidence throughout the day.

Size :
Price: ₹370
  • Categories: FACE
  • Start Small, Lather Big: Begin with a small amount and work it into a rich lather for an indulgent cleansing experience.
  • Circular Massage Magic: Treat your face and neck to a luxurious massage with an outward circular motion, ensuring thorough coverage.
  • 60 Second Rule for Deep Clean: Embrace the 60 Second Rule—take the time to wash for at least 60 seconds for a deeper cleanse, effectively removing oil, dirt, pollution, and more.
  • Rinse and Refresh: Rinse off the lather with water, leaving your skin feeling refreshed, and pat dry gently for the perfect finish.

Follow these simple steps for a cleansing ritual that goes beyond the surface, ensuring a thorough and revitalizing experience for your skin.

  • Aloe vera extract
  • Glycerine
  • Tea tree essential oil

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6 Reviews

Mayuri shah

Amazing Highly recommended for oily skin after using face wash skin feel fresh

viraj lodaya

i have used tea tree face wash and protein shampoo both products are worth buying. As i have oily skin so tea tree face wash suits me

Nikita Lapasiya

amazing Prakrutik’s organic products are amazing. The Tea tree face wash is really effective for oily skin, also the face scrub which I’m using is great to prevent black and white heads! The chemical free Organic Lipsticks are outstanding. I’m using Red, Purple, Nude and Orange shades, all are fantastic and long lasting. The black mark gel works wonder, if used regularly to reduce black spots on face. Really loved all the above mentioned products Krima, and worth a try

Bhavna Pravin Nankani

wonders for my skin I love the products of Prakrutik spalon.. I use the tea tree face wash and the cucumber gel on a daily basis and it has really worked wonders for my skin. Their body butters and body washes are also excellent… since the products are made from natural ingredients, they are extremely safe and hence no side effects… I would recommend these products to all 👍👍

dhyan shah

amazing experience Had an amazing experience of using tea tree face wash. It makes me feel refreshing n clears my skin.

neha lalka

It a amazing face wash I use all year It balances my oily skin

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