Dantapavana Tooth Cleaner

Dantapavana Tooth Cleaner

  • Traditional Tooth Powder: Crafted using a traditional method, Dantapavana tooth powder delivers oral care through time-tested techniques.
  • Strengthens Teeth and Gums: Dantapavana works to strengthen both teeth and gums, promoting overall oral health.
  • Protection Against Infections: The tooth powder acts as a protective shield, guarding teeth against infections in the mouth.
  • Combat Tooth Worms and Decay: Effective against oral problems such as tooth worms and decay, Dantapavana provides a natural solution for dental concerns.
  • Emphasis on Oral Hygiene: Maintaining proper oral hygiene is key, and Dantapavana supports this effort to prevent dental issues.
  • Baaras Kapoor for Fresh Breath: Infused with Baaras Kapoor, the tooth powder ensures fresh breath, enhancing the overall oral experience.
  • Neem Component for Bacterial Defense: The inclusion of Neem in the formula actively fights bacteria, contributing to a cleaner and healthier oral environment.
  • 100% Natural and Preservative-Free: Dantapavana is crafted solely from 100% natural herbs, ensuring a preservative-free oral care experience.
  • Surfactant-Free and Kid-Safe: The tooth powder is entirely surfactant-free, making it safe for kids and promoting a wholesome dental routine.
  • Fluoride-Free and Vegan: Dantapavana is proudly free from fluoride and entirely vegan, aligning with natural and ethical dental care practices.
  • Artificial Mouth Fresheners Excluded: Steering clear of artificial mouth fresheners, Dantapavana delivers a genuine, herbal approach to oral freshness.
  • Handmade from Scratch: Crafted with care, Dantapavana is handmade from scratch, reflecting a commitment to quality and authenticity.
Size :
Price: ₹310
  • Categories: BODY, NEW ARRIVALS, KIDS
  • Optimal Usage: Apply a modest amount of Dantapavana tooth powder onto a toothbrush or finger for effective teeth cleaning.
  • Frequency: To ensure optimal oral health, use the herbal tooth powder twice a day after every meal.
  • Lifestyle Adjustments: Achieving healthy teeth involves making lifestyle adjustments. Incorporating this herbal tooth powder into your routine is a proactive step towards preventing tooth problems.
  • Consistent Usage for Prevention: Individuals aiming to steer clear of tooth problems should adopt the practice of using this herbal tooth powder twice a day consistently.
  • Essential Daily Routine: Brushing your teeth twice a day is an essential component of maintaining good oral hygiene.

    Make it a part of your daily routine for lasting dental health.



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4 Reviews

Sangeetha A

Tooth cleanser This is one of the good tooth cleanser without chemicals. It’s really done great for me I have very sensitive tooth if I eat sweets it feels shivering but after using this tooth powder it feels me better. Thanks for giving this chemical free Thoth powder


Hi Krima n Brijesh ji. I had ordered few products of Prakrutik Spalon in which I am using dantapavan from 20days n the results are amazing. I had been to wedding where i enjoyed eating so many sweets without any toothpain n also we feel so fresh breath. It's really must buy product. Thank you so much

Veena Kn

Tooth powder makes my mouth smell awesome.

Kajal pramod Vikamshi

Excellent tooth cleaner... Natural ingredients & its refreshing

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