Gas / Acidity Gel

Gas / Acidity Gel

  • Hearty Meal Contentment: Experience the unmatched contentment of hearty meals without the disruption of acidity attacks.
  • Proprietary Five-Spice Essential Oils Blend: Enriched with a proprietary blend of five-spice essential oils including Ginger, Clove, Cinnamon, Asafoetida, and Nutmeg, providing rapid relief from acidity, gastric discomfort, and chest burn.
  • Chemical-Free Natural Formula: The gel is crafted from a chemical-free, entirely natural formula, ensuring your well-being without any harm, and it is cruelty-free, not tested on animals.
  • Breaks Down Mild Acid Reflux: Effectively breaks down mild acid reflux, providing comfort and alleviating the symptoms.
  • Relief from Mild Gas: Offers instant relief from mild gas, addressing gastric uneasiness promptly.
  • Harmful Chemicals Free: Free from harmful chemicals, prioritizing your health and well-being.

Reclaim the joy of satisfying meals with Prakrutik GAS/ACIDITY GEL, your go-to solution for rapid relief and overall digestive comfort.

Size :
Price: ₹410
  • Categories: BODY, NEW ARRIVALS
  • Targeted Application for Acid Reflux: When experiencing acid reflux, apply the Prakrutik GAS/ACIDITY GEL specifically in and around the naval area.
  • Clothes-Free Application: Ensure that the gel is applied without any contact with your clothes, allowing for optimal absorption and effectiveness.
  • Relaxation Period: After application, take a comfortable rest for 15 to 20 minutes, allowing the gel to work its soothing magic.
  • Efficient Acid Breakdown: Experience the efficient breakdown of acid, transformed into gas or burp during the relaxation period.

Optimize your relief by following these simple steps with Prakrutik GAS/ACIDITY GEL for a soothing solution to acid reflux discomfort.

  • Ginger
  • Clove
  • Cinnamon
  • Asafoetida
  • Nutmeg

The gel won’t work on people who has hyper acidity or hyper gas issue.

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4 Reviews


Awesome Works wonders for little ones truly made with love and natural ingredients!!!


This is awesome… Had ordered 1 to try first.. loved it.. then ordered 2 more. Loved it. Thank u team

Veena Kamath Chauhan

I started my shopping experience by buying just one shade of lipstick nd slowly nd gradually my list went on increasing and is still increasing. Awesome experience of lipsticks, protein hair oil, shampoo, hair spa cream, bb cream, rose powder, gulab water, acidity gel and now my next list of order is already placed and eagerly waiting in this lockdown period to receive and use them. All their products are so good that kids also are equally excited to use them. They are completely natural and highly recommended to all. Look at my daughter so happily wanting to be a part of this pic and showing her love for the products.

Kajal vikamshi

Bye bye to Gas & acidity problems in a jiffy Truly amazing product with pure n natural ingredients.. it truly relieves gas in a jiffy.. this product is loved by all in my family.. the aroma is amazing.. must have.. we never travel without this product in our bag.. it relieves stomach ache as well.. very nice

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